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Au Pair Gentle Healing Balm for Baby



You and your baby will love Au Pair. This soothing, organic food grade, mild healing balm, is great for relieving symptoms associated with dry and or irritate skin. Use it on diaper rash, eczema, minor cuts, scratches, burns and as a skin protectant.

Au Pair is mild enough for every-day use even on the most sensitive skin. Au Pair is a must have for every family!



We use extra special ingredients in Au Pair. Experts say up to 60% of what goes on your baby's skin is absorbed into their bloodstream within minutes. If you can't eat it, it probably shouldn't go on your baby's skin.



Every ingredient in Au Pair is made for baby. Not all oils can be tolerated by baby’s tender skin.

You and your baby will love this soothing, organic, food grade mild healing balm. Use for everything to relieve symptoms associated with dry skin, diaper rash, eczema, minor cuts, scratches, burns, and as a skin protectant. A must have for moms. Au Pair is mild enough for babies sensitive skin for every day use.




We use safflower oil because it soothes and nourishes the skin and is nutritionally packed with natural Vitamain E and can be helpful in relieving eczema and dry irritated skin.



When applied to the skin sweet almond oil helps to alleviate dry itchy skin, soothe sunburn and softens the skin.


Coconut Oil: 

Baby's skin benefits from the high levels of antioxidants in Coconut Oil. It promotes the healing process by combating free radical levels. In addition, a natural derivative of Coconut Oil is Vitamin E. This strengthens skin tissue while retaining optimum condition. The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties in Coconut Oil (lauric and capriylic acid) ward off skin infections.


Lavender Oil: Lavender is one of the most gentle essential oils for a baby’s skin. It helps speed up the process of healing when skin has been irritated.


Calendula Flower Extract:

This extract gives your baby’s skin the antioxidants, anti-bacterial and moisturizing qualities it needs for healthy and happy skin that is eczema and psoriasis free. Eczema is an itchy skin condition generally thought to be the result of an overactive immune system, and it needs nourishing care from the inside out.



We use  small dosage of these oils in Au Pair (only 10% of the tree sap) making it mild enough for baby's sensitive skin. These tree saps offer pain and itching relief caused by eczema and other baby irritations.

Geranium Essential Oil: 

Geranium is good for Cradle Cap, Jaundice, Thrush, and Baby Acne.


Ylang Ylang: Perfect for skin treatments, Ylang Ylang soothes insect bites and in hair preparations promote thick shiny hair.


Other ingredients in Au Pair: Beeswax and Portugal Pine Rosin for strength and cleansing.


1 oz jar


🌱 High-quality essential oils and botanicals

❤️ A thoughtful gift for loved ones

❤️ Cruelty-free, never tested on animals

❤️  Made  with care in the USA

✈️  Ships out within 1 business day  



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Au Pair Gentle Healing Balm

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